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Funds Distribution

Crypto Farm's Funds Distribution:

At Crypto Farm, we believe in transparency and fairness in how we distribute funds. As such, we've developed a clear and well-defined plan for how we allocate our resources. A portion of our funds goes directly into furthering the development of the project, including hiring additional team members and improving our infrastructure. We also allocate funds to marketing and outreach efforts, to ensure the wider community knows about our project and can benefit from it. In addition, we set aside funds for NFT giveaways and airdrops, to reward our loyal supporters and attract new ones. Finally, a portion of our funds goes into our reserve, to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. By distributing our funds in this way, we're able to grow and scale the project while also supporting our community and ensuring its success.
  • 25% towards further development of the NFT project and platform (it include $cfarm liquidity)
  • 15% towards founders
  • 15% towards marketing and community outreach efforts
  • 15% NFT staking
  • 10% towards building and maintaining partnerships with other projects
  • 10% towards funding NFT giveaways and airdrops for the community
  • 5% towards legal and regulatory compliance
  • 5% towards operational costs and team compensation (discord Staff :MODs CM support team)