Crypto farm

Royalty fee

We have integrated a royalty fee of 7.78% for each NFT sale on the secondary market, which is aimed at ensuring the sustainability and long-term success of the project. The fee will be distributed using a profit-sharing model, where 50% of the profits generated from the sale will be allocated to our loyal holders, while the remaining 50% will be directed towards the founding team to support ongoing operations. This approach will incentivize our holders to maintain ownership of their assets and participate in the ecosystem over the long term. By creating a sense of ownership and loyalty among the community, we are building a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem for all involved. This will not only result in increased engagement but also long-term success for the project.
Moreover, the implementation of a royalty fee of 7.78% can help to ensure the sustainability of the project over time. The fee generated from the sales can be used to support ongoing operations, fund future development, and provide incentives for continued participation in the ecosystem. The combination of royalty fees and profit-sharing is a smart approach, demonstrating our commitment to building a successful and sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.
These profits will be divided into two wallets, and these will see the operations in full transparency. We believe that transparency is crucial in building a successful and trustworthy project, and we are dedicated to upholding this principle. We are committed to keeping our community informed about how their investments are being utilized, and we welcome any questions or feedback that our community may have regarding the allocation of proceeds.