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NFT Traits

What are NFT Traits?

NFT traits represent the different parts that make up the entire and final character of an NFT collection – especially PFPs. Using NFT traits adds layers to the design and character of the collection. In other words, it is what brings the collection to life and makes it fun!

Crypto Farm NFTs are unique digital assets that possess a set of traits that define their properties and behaviors within the ecosystem. These traits can include a wide range of characteristics, such as appearance, rarity, and more. With over 400 traits available, each Crypto Farm NFT is truly one-of-a-kind and provides its owner with a unique ownership experience. By offering such a diverse set of traits, the Crypto Farm NFT project aims to create an engaging and dynamic ecosystem that encourages participation and fosters a sense of community among its holders :

1.1 skin


1 common: Peste, Spiral, Smoke, Tattoo, black, blue Russian, yellow, blue, white, pink.
2 rare: cheetah, giraffe, tiger type 2, white cheetah.
3 super rare: cracked, Galaxy, infected, patchwork.
4 legendary: ghost, tiger type 1.


common: white.


common: gray, white, yellow,
legendary: colors pop, Wild.
super rare: giraffe, white cheetah.


common: brown, green, Mountain goat, old sheep horn.
legendary: kids dough, torn.
rare: Dragon horn, dragon.


common: indigo
legendary: crazy
rare: damaged


common: Gray


common white .
legendary black.
rare bricks .
super rare: damaged, cracked.

2. backgrounds

common: blue, dark blue, dark green, dark pink, gray, green, light gray, light purple, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow.
legendary: cappuccino, blue teal, light pink, pink indigo, purple Gray, Brown crack.
rare: blue indigo, green blue, orange pink, sunset.
super rare: cyan, green, pistachio, indigo, sky blue, teal.

3. Crypto farm effect

legendary: flies, glowing stars, leaves, rosa, skulls.
super rare: bullet hole, cat scratches, diamond, earrings, rainy cloud, stitched wound, watermelon.

4. eyes

common: anime, big pupils 2, Blue Flame, confounded, confused, green 2, green red circle, green, luster, purple, sad, scary 2, scary, sleepy, wink, wondering, snake, skull.
legendary: angry mode 2, Angry mod 3, angry, exploding Flame, flame thick laser, flaming pumpkin, haunted, laser, aglow, cold fire, crazy, orange glasses ,owl, pink sunglasses, zligzlag glasses.
rare: pixel, Cyclops, red devilish, red glass, red, wide red pupils, wide, yellow, diamond.
super rare: anime type 2, big pupils big, pupils 3, Black sunglasses, clothes buttons, cops sunglasses, fall in love, female type, flaming, Hawaii sunglasses, stunned, thick laser.

5. head

common: blue hair, Christmas hat, ivory, Luffy hat, piercing dagger, Rider's glasses, sea star, bald head, birthday, black bowler, blue wool hat, cat ears, donkey ears, goat horn, green bucket hat, lynx, pink wool hat, red cap, sheriff, tarboosh, a fly watermelon.
legendary: Native American Hat, Pizza, skipping rope brain, sombrero, white bucket, witch hat, yellow black bucket, yellow colored paste, Dragon thorns, Halloween witch, Kasa battousai, earring hair Greek Crown, fire, dragon kasa, Bell hat, Arrow, biting shark, dream recorder, propeller hat, Viking helmet.
rare: blue Duke's hat, ship captain, winter hat, earring, brown hair, Burger, cupcake, plain Drive glasses, snail, tornado, unicorn.
super rare: Angel ring, blood, blue bucket hat, blue crown, faux hawk, helmet, Indian hat, melted candle, Red Crown, Santa Claus, winter wool hat, cursed eye, orca, Poisonous mushrooms, Panama.

6. Mouth

common: angry, closed, clown, gorilla colored teeth, gorilla, grr2, grrr, huhh, nervous, prominent tongue, Smokey mustache, laughing, lynx, mucus, saliva, screaming 2, smile 3, smoking, Squirtle, tongue, two teeth, Venom 4, wide laugh, wide smile 2.
legendary: Fish Bone, gas mask, mask, nose ring, Rainbow, Venom 1, Venom 2, gang mask, lighter, mustache pipe, sad donkey, adult goat, katana, golden teeth, stinky, white mustache, calm, crazy gummy, funny pills .
super rare: mustache, rooster beak, scary 2, scary, screaming 1, Venom 3 carrot, cigar, fish, mustache 2, Rose.

7. outfit

common: brown hoodie, lion design, pink T-shirt, purple cupcake, sporty 2, white hoodie, white T-shirt, yellow hoodie, yellow t-shirt, blue T-shirt.
legendary: astronaut, black yukata, blue ruby chain, Mommy, neck scarf, Ninja Turtle armor, sports Jersey, tusks, brown jacket Tamaki, , orange jacket, green jacket, red cutoff, sporty II, 23, crypto Farm ,Solana, Versace, yellow coat.
rare: dollar chain coat, gray hoodie, pink hoodie, purple hoodie, purple t-shirt, red hoodie, sporty, sueter con, surgeon, white coat T2, white coat, yellow black hoodie, puffer coat, space suit.
super rare: fisherman, Hawaiian, present uniform, ripped farmer, Sonata hoodie, Spider-Man suit, Versace, xrp hoodie.

8. year

common: 2023
legendary: 1930, 1938
super rare: 1960

9. companion

rare: angry rooster, companion, spider monster
legendary: bomb, jellyfish, penguin, rabbit, little monster, laughter emoji
super rare: angry plankton(sb), Jordan dunk, snake, angry shark, fire monster, one eyed.